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In-toxic-ated: A New Study Finds the Weedkiller Glyphosate in Major Brands of Beer and Wine

The pesticide Roundup® is the most commonly used weedkiller in the world. While its main ingredient glyphosate has uncertain toxicity, the chemical is showing up in foods—and according to a new report—drinks we consume, compounding our exposure. What to do when your favorite beer or wine contains more than just excess calories?
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Hydropower Without New Dams—How Utilities Are Tapping into Energy They Once Not Only Wasted But Paid to Lose

Experts say that in order to reach climate goals we need to move away from fossil fuels as soon as possible and get our energy from renewable sources. While most assume that will mean more wind and solar, there’s a clean and environmentally sound way to generate electricity that’s been hiding in plain sight but only recently became affordable to harness. Listen now >

Going, Going... Gone? The Most Abundant Tree in Hawai'i Is Dying—and There's No
Cure in Sight

"Rapid 'Ōhi'a Death" has killed over 135,000 acres on the Big Island of Hawai'i, and disappearance of Ōhi'a forests could have serious ramifications for watersheds and ecosystems in the state. But for native Hawaiians, who along with their ancestors revere the tree, vanishing Ōhi'a could mean the loss of a heritage that developed long before they had a written language. Listen now >


Newscast for
June 9, 2019

"Ghost forests" are appearing up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

A new study reveals that heat waves in the South are strongly associated with declining sea ice in the Arctic.

Which aspect of climate change will be more threatening to U.S. agriculture—heat or drought?

"Day Zero" has hit India.

There's a lifestyle habit you can control that might reduce your risk of Alzheimer's.

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