Conservation Canines Are Sniffing Out Zebra and Quagga Mussels Infesting Waters Across the U.S and Canada
tert-butyl alcohol textiles, clothesRobert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Democracy and the Environment

What's Up and Underground in Las Animas County?

Homeowners in Southeast Colorado have water wells contaminated with a chemical known as "Tert-butyl alcohol" or "TBA." TBA is a man-made substance found in many household items such as perfumes, cosmetics and paint removers— and is sometimes used in fracking. Could nearby gas drilling be to blame?
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If Clothes Could Talk, Would They Talk Dirty?

Fifty percent of global textile manufacturing in the world happens in China and packs a punch in terms of water consumption–and pollution. But the growing of fibers and the dyeing of fabrics is only part of the water footprint of textiles. Once a garment comes home with us from the store how much water do we use to wash it? And do we add to its toxic legacy? Is it possible to dress for sustainable success?
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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Democracy and the Environment

The longtime environmental attorney and now president of Waterkeeper Alliance tells H2O Radio that government's role is to safeguard the public commons, "the air, the water, the wildlife, the fisheries, the public lands, the aquifers, the beaches, the shorelines, the rivers, those assets that cannot be reduced to private property ownership, but by their nature are owned by the whole community." He warns that a concentration of political power is antithetical to a sustainable environment.
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August 23, 2015

Permanent Drought? A Possibility for California

EPA Fails to Act to Control Animal Farm Waste

Mercury and Selenium Found in Colorado River Fish

Teflon: More Toxic Than Previously Known and in Drinking Water of 6.5 Million Americans

Another Reason to Sing in
the Shower

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