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Flight Plan: How Unmanned Aircraft Are Helping Scientific Research Take Off

The U.S. Geological Survey keeps track of how much water flows through rivers and streams across the country to help plan for shortages—or at the other extreme—brace for floods. But there are more waterways than the agency is able to track, so recently they added a new tool that will not only help them cover more ground, but also help them learn more about this precious resource—all without ever touching a drop. Listen now >

Sleeping Like a Log? What Trees Do—and Don't Do at Night

Trees—they're just like us. They sleep, they drink—and they even have a pulse. What the latest research can also tell us about whether they're stressed out. Listen now >

Gaming Gravity: How Farmers and Ranchers Are Using the Flow of Water to Power Operations on Their Land

Agriculture uses a lot of water. But what if that water were used for more than growing food? What if it could generate energy—renewable energy? It can, and a program in Colorado is helping farmers harness hydropower to lower costs, save time—and conserve the water itself. Listen now >


Headlines for the week
ending Sept. 16, 2018

Florence fuels fears of infrastructure failing and water contamination.

Even as severe storms drench the U.S. and Asia, new cities are being planned in coastal areas without climate change in mind.

The ability of soils to absorb water might be reduced by climate change, possibly leading to more flash flooding and erosion.

Eat well, save water.

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