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Terrified, Yet Optimistic. How Young People Are Responding to Grave Warnings About Climate Change

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released in early October has sounded another alarm that drastic action is needed to avoid the catastrophic impacts of global warming. Is anyone listening? And if so, how are they reacting to a crisis that faces all of humankind? H2O Radio asked university students, who will be dealing with impacts, how they view the future. Listen now >

Hydropower Without New Dams—How Utilities Are Tapping into Energy They Once Not Only Wasted But Paid to Lose

Experts say that in order to reach climate goals we need to move away from fossil fuels as soon as possible and get our energy from renewable sources. While most assume that will mean more wind and solar, there’s a clean and environmentally sound way to generate electricity that’s been hiding in plain sight but only recently became affordable to harness. Listen now >

Girl Genius: This 12-year-old invented a device to detect lead in water—and as far as science goes—she's just getting started.

The discovery of lead in drinking water systems in Flint, Michigan, and other cities around the country has motivated researchers to find new—and faster—ways to detect contamination in water supplies. One scientist who recently invented a way to rapidly test for lead in water developed her award-winning solution between swim team practice and piano lessons. Listen now >


Headlines for the week
ending Feb. 17, 2019

Recent large storms in California are being
measured in feet—and also
on a new scale of 1 to 5.

EPA announced a new
"Action Plan" for PFAS chemicals, but critics says
it's too little and too slow.

Puerto Rico, still reeling
from Hurricane Maria, is
now facing...drought.

U.S. demand for fruits and vegetables is shrinking Mexican aquifers and
reducing river flows.

The Senate just passed sweeping conservation legislation that will protect land and rivers.

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