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In-toxic-ated: A New Study Finds the Weedkiller Glyphosate in Major Brands of Beer and Wine

The pesticide Roundup® is the most commonly used weedkiller in the world. While its main ingredient glyphosate has uncertain toxicity, the chemical is showing up in foods—and according to a new report—drinks we consume, compounding our exposure. What to do when your favorite beer or wine contains more than just excess calories?
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The Irony of an Electric Car Named "Tesla"

Thomas Edison became a household name for inventing the first practical incandescent light bulb. But because of what happened in a small town in Colorado, his bitter rival Nikola Tesla won the bigger prize to electrify our modern grid. Over a century later, could revenge be in the offing. Listen now >

Are Water Providers Ready for Climate Change?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said a changing climate is predicted to affect drinking water treatment and distribution systems in a negative way. Disturbances like wildfires, hurricanes, and floods are being exacerbated by global warming, and those who operate treatment facilities to ensure safe water comes out of our faucets are going to need to meet the challenge. Dr. Monica Emelko likened water treatment in the future to Formula 1 racing—it will require drivers who can anticipate curves in the road ahead—and, of course, a good pit crew. Listen now >


Newscast for
July 14, 2019

The heavy rains brought by Hurricane Barry can be directly connected to manmade climate change.

Several countries are making travel plans to go to the moon—and one reason is water.

A new cruise ship is heading to the Arctic—and is akin to a Prius.

Prospectors are digging up ancient woolly mammoths for their tusks as the permafrost melts in Russia.

These mules had live fish in their saddlebags.

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