Sleeping Like a Log? What Trees Do—and Don't Do at Night
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Dryland: Farmers
in Some of the Toughest Places to Do Agriculture Are the Ones Innovating for Climate Change

"Dryland" farmers on the high plains of Colorado grow their crops with whatever falls from the sky—no irrigation, no pumped groundwater—just what Mother Nature delivers. In recent years some have been trying to innovate to protect their soils and conserve water to prepare for climate change. But they're getting pushback—not only from their neighbors and their own families—but also from the government.

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Does a Changing Climate Require a Change in Vocabulary?

As snowpack and moisture levels in the Colorado River Basin show large areas of moderate to extreme drought, some are wondering if the term “drought” is misleading people into thinking it’s a temporary situation. Do we need a new vocabulary to describe conditions in the West? Words matter and “drought” is out says a new report.

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Dust Up: The Growing Problem Affecting Snowpack and Water Supply

Mountain snowfall around the globe is an important source of water. In the spring it melts and flows into rivers and reservoirs for cities and farms to use. But there’s been a growing problem that’s sweeping in and causing snowpack worldwide to melt faster.

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Headlines for the week
ending June 17, 2018

Antarctica’s ice sheets are melting three times faster per year than previously thought.

A chemical that is used in MRIs is now accumulating in the world’s oceans.

El Niño was thought to be
a reliable tool for weather prediction, but this new method might be more accurate.

These trees can grow to be as wide as a bus is long and live up to 3,000 years, but some of the oldest are dying—likely due to climate change.

The Senate Appropriations Committee took action to force the Trump administration to release
a study it buried.

How to dispose of a body.

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