NASA Famiglietti Tidd Water RightDid the State of Colorado Leave
Residents with Bad Water

Vanishing Act: NASA scientist
Jay Famiglietti on Our Challenging
Water Future

NASA. The word evokes space exploration, rockets and missions to faraway planets. But one of the agency’s most intriguing ventures is what it learns by turning its view back at Earth. H2O Radio's Frani Halperin met Jay Famiglietti, senior water scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, to talk about the agency's latest endeavors. Satellites with names like "GRACE" are "amazing"—not just for their bird's-eye view of our home planet but for what that perspective is telling us about our challenging water future.

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What Goes Up,
Tells Us What Will Come Down

Twice a day hundreds of people around the globe release large, tan balloons into the atmosphere. Weather balloons are still the go-to tool for meteorologists to get a true snapshot of how the atmosphere is at the moment at a specific location. What can these balloons tell us that satellites can’t? And, with balloons and satellites, why is the forecast sometimes just...wrong?

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Hell and High Water—Unexpected Troubles Along Colorado's South Platte River

Many people in Colorado are facing a problem you’d never expect to find in the arid West: too much water. In places along the South Platte River, which flows from the Rockies through Denver to the northeast, basements are flooding, sewage systems are being damaged, and rising water is leaving salt in farmers’ fields, robbing them of productivity. The situation is vexing and has been the subject of numerous meetings of state officials, farmers, and water experts. But no lasting solution has been found. The real question is whether the state’s water law that goes back to the Gold Rush era is flexible enough to deal with the issue.

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Headlines for the week
ending August 13, 2017

There is a water case so significant that ten states, from Nevada to Texas,
asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review it.

North Korea faces a
looming disaster, but it’s
not from Trump.

A U.S. agency is being dismantled in secret.

Fires have been burning in Canada, Italy, Romania, Russia, other parts of Europe—and even in Greenland, an island
covered mostly in ice.

Climate change sinks artwork about climate change.

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