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Diving with Purpose—How Veterans Are Healing Their Wounds by Helping the National Park Service

When veterans retire from the military—whether voluntarily or from injury—it can be a difficult transition. Gone is the camaraderie that gave their lives structure and often lost is a sense of purpose. A partnership with the National Park Service is helping wounded warriors to heal and restore connections by giving them a mission underwater.
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Fading Fast? Colorado's Iconic Aspen Trees Will Likely Decline with Climate Change

Tourists in Colorado's high country might want to snap a lot pictures while they can. Researchers predict that climate change will reduce the number of aspens that make fall color in the Rocky Mountains so captivating. Listen now >

The Dam Nobody Wants Just Won’t Go Away

The construction of dams on rivers worldwide has stopped the natural flow of sand and silt to the sea—resulting in coastal wetland loss and disappearing beaches—as well as preventing fish from reaching vital spawning grounds. But when the decision is made to remove a dam it can be remarkably challenging. Just ask the people of Ventura, California, who’ve been trying for 20 years—and are not much closer to ditching a dam that supplies no water but packs a lot of downsides—and risk. Listen now >


Newscast for
March 7, 2021

Climate change is decimating butterflies in the U.S. West.

Most of Northern California's kelp forest ecosystem is gone, replaced by widespread "urchin barrens."

Humans are "low flow"—they evolved to run on less water than our closest primate relatives.

Birds are declining worldwide, but the coffee you chose may help save them.

She's known as the “Fish DJ” and The Hammer thinks she nails it.

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