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What Do Latinos Really Care About? Mi Tierra

It’s election season and the news is full of headlines about the issues most on the minds of voters. And for candidates trying to woo Latino voters, there’s nothing more important than immigration, right? Wrong. Poll after poll shows Latinos are more concerned about the effects of climate change than voters overall and that reducing smog and air pollution, conserving water, and protecting waterways and clean drinking water scored higher than immigration reform. Politicians would do well to pay attention—or pay the consequences.
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These First Climate Scientists Didn't Know About Global Warming

Mary, George IX and William Vaux were out for a fun train ride in the Canadian Rockies. What they saw captivated them—massive glaciers visible from a railway reststop. The took lots of photos and even measurements. Seven years later, when they returned they were shocked at what they found. Learn how a dining stop led to a lifetime of research, and gave rise to—unbeknownst to them—our first climate scientists.
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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Democracy and the Environment

The longtime environmental attorney and now president of Waterkeeper Alliance tells H2O Radio that government's role is to safeguard the public commons, "the air, the water, the wildlife, the fisheries, the public lands, the aquifers, the beaches, the shorelines, the rivers, those assets that cannot be reduced to private property ownership, but by their nature are owned by the whole community." He warns that a concentration of political power is antithetical to a sustainable environment.
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February 7, 2016

Sailors and staff are being required to drink bottled water at a Navy airfield in Virginia

More damning news about Michigan's response to the Flint water crisis

New York Governor Cuomo orders an investigation into radioactive water

Ahoy. A brand new mega-freighter runs aground

Does she...or doesn’t she? Conserve water, that is.
Only her hairdresser knows for sure.

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