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What do you picture when you hear the word "water"? A cool, refreshing drink? A dip in a mountain lake? The beach? Perhaps you recall your morning shower, or watering your garden.

You probably didn't picture power plants or your laptop, but water is ubiquitous in our lives—although it's not always apparent how. Water sustains us. It powers our cities, grows our crops, and helps fabricate our products, yet not everyone knows where their water comes from, or the increasing demands being placed upon this essential resource.

Water is life. It covers nearly three-quarters of our planet, yet fresh drinking water is under threat from climate change, contamination, and ecosystem destruction. At H2O Radio we won't hesitate to tackle tough topics and challenge common assumptions in order to educate and inspire stewardship of this fundamental molecule upon which all life depends.

Now more than ever we're committed to delivering high quality journalism in the public interest, stories other outlets can't—or won't—tell. It's our goal to help our audience become invested and knowledgeable caretakers of our environment and water supply. Why? Because we're all in this together. This is a conversation about water and our collective water future.  💧

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The H2O Radio VISION
Raise awareness about threats to water supplies in order to protect this most vital resource on which all life depends.

Create programs that generate conversations about local, regional, and global water issues; educate about water efficiency and water quality protection; and inspire audiences to engage around sustainable solutions.

Journalism About Water and the Environment
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