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Frani Halperin, Executive Producer

Frani HalperinFrani is the CEO (Chief eMagination Officer) of Halperin Creative, LLC. She holds a degree in landscape architecture from the University of California at Berkeley—a field that allowed her to merge her strong interest in design with a reverence for the environment. Although she has focused on design and illustration throughout her career, she has maintained a strong passion for protecting the natural world. She's been fortunate to have clients across the country who work to protect air, land, and water. Halperin Creative's work includes the design and development of a smartphone app that helps contractors working in the field comply with water ordinances and regulations; the design and development of “H2O Tracker,” a water conservation app featured in The New York Times; and a drought meter for the state of Colorado. Frani co-founded H2O Radio with Jamie because of her belief in the power of radio to educate, inspire and engage.

Jamie Sudler, Executive Producer

Jamie SudlerJamie is an attorney in Denver, Colorado. He was born in Denver, as were his father and grandmother. He took off three years from practicing law to study World-Systems Analysis with Immanuel Wallerstein and others at what is now known as Binghamton University. He received an MA in historical sociology in 1992. He attempts to think of water and environmental issues from both historical and wide geographic perspectives. He has served on the Board of Trustees of the Colorado Historical Society and the Center of the American West in Boulder, Colorado. Jamie co-founded H2O Radio with Frani Halperin.

Kimball Worcester, Copy Editor

Kimball WorcesterKimball is a freelance copy editor and researcher living in San Francisco. She is a native San Franciscan and has been water conscious in support of sustainability since saving bath water for laundry water back in 1988. Her language credentials include a bachelor’s degree in Russian from Tufts University and a master’s degree in Slavic languages from Brown University. Since then she has specialized in First World War history.

Melanie Zeitler, Philanthropy Advisor

Melanie ZeitlerMelanie has worked in the non-profit sector for 18-years in various roles from program development to Executive Director. She has a breadth of experience in non-profit management and resource development across several sectors; including Jewish Community, Art, Education and Conservation organizations. Her most recent eight- years were spent at the Plains Conservation Center; a non-profit which focuses on environmental education and the restoration of endangered grasslands in Colorado. This is where Melanie learned to “fall in love” with the prairie landscape and its unique ecosystem. Melanie’s interest in environmental issues and stewardship has continued in her freelance consulting work and volunteerism, where she has donated her services to an organization working to restore the Upper South Platte and Lower Arkansas river corridors.

Frank Kinder, Assistant Producer

Frank KinderFrank is a Senior Conservation Specialist for the Water Services Division of Colorado Springs Utilities. His responsibilities include commercial indoor water conservation programs and rebates, and serving on local boards and committees. Prior expertise includes sustainability planning for the U.S. Army at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, implementing broad sustainable solutions such as energy and water conservation, land use planning, green building construction, providing education and outreach, and implementing an ISO 14001-compliant Environmental Management System. He has organized, hosted, managed and presented at conferences, including the yearly Southern Colorado Sustainability Conference. He has an MA in applied geography with emphasis in sustainable development from the University of Colorado and an undergraduate degree in finance and information technology.

Haley Perry, Research Assistant

HOPHaley is a student at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She is majoring in biology and neuroscience. Haley has been a lifelong lover of nature and an advocate of all things living, and enjoys working with animals. Haley is a graduate of the International Baccalaureate program at George Washington High School in Denver, CO, and prior to college volunteered with the Denver Dumb Friends League for five years. As a swimmer, Haley joined H2O Radio to be a part of a program that is trying to help make the world a little less dry—one story at a time.

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"Reporting about water issues can, all too often, be painfully dry. H2O Radio is a refreshing exception and a vital fount of information
about our most
precious resource.

Frani Halperin and
Jamie Sudler bring a
rare mix of technical understanding, policy context and humanity
to their coverage.

Their stories are comprehensive and exquisitely woven.
As global water supplies wane and water quality is threatened, we need H2O Radio to tell the stories no other outlet is covering.

Susan Greene,
Editor, The Colorado Independent

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The H2O Radio VISION
Raise awareness about threats to water supplies in order to protect this most vital resource on which all life depends.

Create programs that generate conversations about local, regional, and global water issues; educate about water efficiency and water quality protection; and inspire audiences to engage around sustainable solutions.

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