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H2O Radio was formed out of a huge concern for water around the globe—and a need for journalism in the public interest to protect this vital resource. We have a strong commitment to providing fair and independent reporting, free from advertising dollars and corporate influence.

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Water is life, it covers nearly three-quarters of our planet. The more we educate and inspire stewardship of this fundamental resource, we help to create knowledgeable and invested caretakers of our precious world’s water supply.

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H2O Radio is a trade name of H2O Media, Ltd. H2O Media, Ltd. is a nonprofit under the law in the state of Colorado and is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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"Do you drink water
(or beverages made
with water)? Then
please consider donating to H2O Radio. Why? Because H2O Radio provides critical media coverage of this incredibly important topic.

Colorado's Water Plan depends on an educated public and H2O Radio is an important partner in raising awareness of water issues and policy.

James Eklund, Director, Colorado Water Conservation Board

The H2O Radio VISION
Raise awareness about threats to water supplies in order to protect this most vital resource on which all life depends.

Create programs that generate conversations about local, regional, and global water issues; educate about water efficiency and water quality protection; and inspire audiences to engage around sustainable solutions.

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