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December 21, 2014
New York Bans Fracking
Obama Protects Alaska's Bristol Bay From Oil And Gas Development
Freedom Industries Execs Indicted Over West Virginia Chemical Spill
A "Cold War" Over The North Pole?
Santa Might Need a New Ride as Reindeer Populations Decline

December 14, 2014
The UN Climate Talks in Lima: Watered-down and a "COP" out.
Colorado to California: You’re Not Using Our Water.
States Agree to Store Water in Lake Mead
Cruise Ships... or Ooze Ships?
Hey America: Fill Your Tanks With "Poopaline"
A "Bloody Mary" For The Road This Winter?

December 7, 2014
The Maldives Are Sinking And Out of Water
California Storms Cause Flooding, But Do Little To Dent the Drought
The Church of England Challenges BP and Shell Over Global Warming
More Sludge Boats Needed for Busy NYC
The Newest IPA Is Brewed With Invasive Pests

November 30, 2014
China Calls For Developed Countries To Do More About Climate Change
China Plans Massive Water Transfer Projects
Suez Canal Expansion May Release Invasive Species into Mediterranean
Oil Sands Tailings Ponds Are Releasing Toxins
Don't Miss The "Bioswales" If You're Headed to The Big Apple
It's True. Cats Rule and Dogs Drool

November 23, 2014
Native American Tribes Ready to Go to War Over the Keystone XL Pipeline
The Biggest Output of Oil and Gas Wells? Water.
San Diego Approves Water Recycling
Industrial Pollution is Turning Lakes into Jelly
New Mexico Commission to Decide Gila River’s Fate
All Aboard the "Poo-Bus"!

November 16, 2014
Zebra Fish Help Scientists to Find Water Pollution
Traces of Fukushima Radioactivity Detected Off U.S. West Coast
Oceans Warming to Record High Temperatures
Should Cigarettes Be Banned to Protect Waterways?
Can Volcanoes Be Used to Generate Energy?
LA Mayor: Water Hog?
Ta da! A Self-Filling Water Bottle

November 9, 2014
Election Roundup: How Did Water Fare?
U.S. Water Use Drops to Lowest Level in 45 Years
In California, Report Shows Water Use is All Over The Map
More than 70% of Montana Waters Not Suitable For Fish
Mines Poisoning Water Across the West
Bering Sea Storm Bearing Down on U.S.
Flushable Wipe "Fatbergs" Threaten London

November 2, 2014
Brazil's Extreme Drought Taking Its Toll
California Drought: Good News for Wine; Bad News for the Birds and the Bees
Oil from BP Spill Coats Miles of Gulf Sea Floor
Superstorm Sandy: There's A Silver Lining
Arsenic in Drinking Water Linked to Decline in Breast Cancer Deaths
Are Reservoirs Behind Dams A Source of Methane?
How to Restore Wetlands? Leave it to Beavers..

October 26, 2014
Tracers Might Make it Easier to Link Fracking to Contaminated Water
Election Watch: How is Water a Factor?
All Eyes On Texas Fracking Ban
California State Water Bond
California Has Three Anti-Fracking Measures
Florida Votes to Protect Land and Water
Politicians in 'Hot Water' Over Remarks

October 19, 2014
Floridians Protest Fracking in the Everglades
"Frac Sand" Rush Threatens Wisconsin Health and Water
Some California Cities Only Have 60 Days Worth of Water
The Next Casualty of California's Drought? Sports.
Exxon, Chevron and Halliburton Lobby White House
Women Criticize NOW For Taking Money from Chevron in Ecuador Pollution Case
Pentagon Plans for Climate Change
Are China’s Dams Causing Quakes?
Snorkeling Students Help Restore Rivers
The Secret Ingredient of New York City’s Mythic Bagels? Water.

October 12, 2014
Dubliners Protest Government’s Plan To Start Charging For Water
Oil Industry Injection Wells Pollute California Aquifers
Residents In Sao Paulo Brazil Face Hourly Water Cutoffs
Lab Tech Pleads Guilty To Faking Water Quality Tests for Coal Companies
New Grim Report On Our Oceans
NASA Plans to Mine the Moon for Water
Farmers Fight Coca-Cola as India’s Groundwater Dries Up
Super-sized Mosquitoes, Smart Elk and Peeing in the Shower

October 5, 2014
Antarctica Has Lost Enough Ice to Cause a Shift in Gravity
Turkey Building Pipeline to Send Water to Thirsty Cyprus
Drilling Services Company Baker Hughes to Disclose Fracking Ingredients
Fire Retardants Come Out In The Wash
Drilling Accident in West Virginia May Have Caused Water Contamination
Drought Bringing Out Bears in California

September 14, 2014
Fracking Threatens Health of Oil & Gas Workers
California Blue Whales Rebound; Pacific Walrus Numbers Decline
Devastating Floods in Pakistan
Who Knew? Swimming Pools Use Less Water Than Lawns
New Mexico Homeowners Sue Over Water Meters
Water Theft in California: Stranger Than Fiction

September 7, 2014
World Water Week and The Wilderness Act Turns 50
BP Found Grossly Negligent in Deepwater Horizon Disaster
Tar Sands Shipping Through the Arctic?
New Math Model Offers Clues About Source of Ocean Garbage Patch
Nova Scotia Bans Fracking
Groundwater Update: California Earthquake Pushes Groundwater to the Surface
Science Droplets: Turn Your Swimming Pool into a Farm
Talking Water Fountain: Cute or Creepy?

August 17, 2014
Canada Wants to Lay Claim to the Mineral-Rich Arctic
More Trouble in Motor City
Acid Spill in Mexico River
Study: Clams and Mussels Can Clean Polluted Water
Much Bottled Water Comes From Drought-Stricken California
Science Droplets: Using "Tractor Beams" to Clean Up Ocean Trash and Oil Spills
What To Do With an Old Bus? Turn It Into a Shower for The Homeless

August 10, 2014
The "Dog Days of Summer"

Photo Credit Tom Arthur, Creative Commons

August 3, 2014
Canadians Convoy Water to Residents of Detroit
Holy Toledo! Water Unsafe to Drink in Ohio City
Algae Killing Life in the Baltic Sea
Northern California Wineries Expect to Have Decent Year Despite Drought
Hydrochloric Acid From Fracking Spills in Hennessy, Oklahoma
Groundwater Update: Groundwater Depletion in United Arab Emirates Threatens Date Crop
Science Droplets: Are Some Trees Too Thirsty?
Cougars Stalking LA Suburbs Due to Drought

July 27, 2014
Oil & Gas Tapping Deep Prehistoric Aquifers for Fracking
Cuba Looking To Mangroves To Combat Rising Seas
BP Gulf Oil Spill Contaminants Persist
Armed Bandits Demanding Water in Drought-Stricken India
Tar Sands Protests in Utah
Groundwater Update: Colorado River Basin Depletion Larger Than Previous Thought
Science Droplets: Squids As Prosthetic Limbs?
Will Global Warming Mean The End of Hockey?

July 20, 2014
Company That Contaminated West Virginia River Settles
Obama Opens Eastern Seaboard to Oil & Gas Exploration
Protests Erupt in Detroit Over Water Shutoffs
Only 4 Water Cops On the Beat in LA, a City of 4 Million
Cattle Ranchers v. Jumping Mouse (Redux)
Groundwater Update: CA Halts Operations at Fracking Injection Sites
Droplets: Water News in Science & Research
Wichita Falls, Texas To Test Anti-evaporation Powder on Reservoir

July 13, 2014
Nicaragua Wants to Build A Rival to the Panama Canal
A Water Bottling Plant in the California Desert?
Floating Solar Panels in India
Toxic Green Slime Returns to Lake Erie

July 6, 2014
Navajo Nation Wants To Build in the Grand Canyon
Study Links Wastewater Injection Wells to Earthquakes
Train Carrying Boeing 737s Derails into River
Sinking Island Nation Has to Evacuate
Sea Turtle Swims from Costa Rica to Ecuador
Caribbean Coral Reefs Vanishing
Whale Poop Sustains Fisheries
Californians Snitching on Each Other for Wasting Water

June 29, 2014
Water as a Weapon of War for ISIS in Iraq
Detroit Shutting Off Water to Residents; UN Steps In
Ecuador Passes Law Prohibiting Privatization of Water
Just in Time for Summer: The Most Polluted Beaches in America
Greeley, Colorado Halts Fracking Injection Wells Because of Earthquakes
The Newest National Water Trail is in the Desert
The World's Largest Water Slide To Open in Kansas
Anti-bacterial Soap Fouling Up Sewage Treatment Plants

June 8, 2014
Water Shortages Mean Big Business for Dealers in Syria
Starfish Dying From Sea Star Wasting Syndrome
Despite Abundant Water Venezuelans Go Thirsty
The World's Most Water Stressed Cities
Rising Seas Washing Away World War II Graves
Aging U.S. Dams Could Spell Disaster
Floods and Landslides in Afghanistan
Cities Cleaning Up Their Rivers
Water Theft in California
The Fire Hydrant Gets Its First Redesign In 100 Years

June 1, 2014
A Drought-Proof Water Supply?
Trout: Survival of the Fittest
Scientists Pass on the Northwest Passage
Oil Spill in Green River
New Mexico Jumping Mouse V. Cattle Over Water
Your Next Cellphone Could Be Made of Shrimp

May 25, 2014
Feinstein Forces Water Bill Through Senate
The Pope Calls For Action on Climate Change
Chilly Relations in Arctic Over Ukraine
Congress Passes Major Water Infrastructure Bill
Bureau of Reclamation Issues Toothless Proclamation
Jellyfish: A Scourge... or Savior?

May 18, 2014
Disclose Fracking Fluids in North Carolina? Go to Jail.
Earthquakes and Groundwater Depletion— A Connection?
Bottled Water in the Arctic Very Pricey
The West Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapse
Climate Change Will Make Your Food Less Nutritious
Flooding in Serbia & Bosnia
A Book You Can Drink To

May 11, 2014
Ecological Crisis in Nigeria Adding to Country's Woes
National Climate Assessment & The Risk To Water
West Virginians Report Illnesses From January Spill
National Drinking Water Week: Get To Know Your H2O
Unsafe Bottled Water in Pakistan
The Latest Viral Video: "Take the Poo to the Loo"

May 4, 2014
Denver, Phoenix, LA and Las Vegas To Pay Users To Keep Water in The Colorado River
Ocean Acidity From Greenhouse Gases Destroying Sea Snail Shells
The Difficulties In Generating Power From Waves
Tree Rings Forecast Tough Times Ahead
Piss Patrol in India
Wanna Brush Your Teeth With Wastewater?

April 27, 2014
Just Add Water To Worsen Ukrainian-Russian Tension
California Aqueduct To Run Backward To Help Farmers?
How Long Do You Wait For Hot Water?
It's Official: Water Is More Precious Than Gold
NSA Water Use Records Disclosed
Human Waste Kills 2 Million Fish In Iran
Starbucks Takes A Coffee Break In Brazil
Drought In San Francisco Brings Out Rats

April 20, 2014
Chinese Fed Up With Pollution
California Drought Creates Unusual Alliances
World Bank Wants To Privatize Water
Portland Dumps 38 Million Gallons After Teenager Pees In Reservoir
Drink Water, Be Happy?

April 13, 2014
Ten Most Endangered Rivers
El Niño, La Niña or La Nada?
Yellow-billed Cuckoos Endangered
Texas Officials Search Oil Drilling Records For Water
Can Using Religious Guilt Get Water Bills Paid?

April 6, 2014
Anadarko Petroleum To Pay Largest Settlement Ever Over Pollution Cleanup
CU Boulder Now Offering Well Testing Kits For Homeowners Worried About Fracking
Clean Water Act Expansion Draws Ire From GOP
The Rio Grande Silvery Minnow: Little Fish in Big Battle
Sheffield Half-Marathon Canceled Due To Lack Of Water

March 30, 2014
Are New Mexico Chile Peppers Succumbing to Drought?
Colorado River Delta Gets Water
Hikers Discover Oil Spill in Escalante National Monument
NSA Tries To Hide Its Water Use
Yikes! It's a Tumbleweed Invasion!

March 23, 2014
We Honor World Water Day by Identifying 10 Startling Facts About Water

March 16, 2014
Water War Between Texas and New Mexico
Colorado River Delta To Get Water
Obama Threatens Veto of Water Rights Protection Act
Salmon Hitch A Ride on 18-Wheelers
US Navy Pollutes Indian Ocean Atoll
Water Under The Oceans? The Talking Heads Knew All Along..


March 9, 2014
Global Warming May Unlock Viruses
San Francisco Bans Plastic Water Bottles
Conservation Success Story: Trumpeter Swans
Swimming in LA beaches Unsafe After Storms
Quelccaya Ice Cap Shrinking Due To Global Warming
NASA Looks To Other Planets For Water


March 2, 2014
This Week in Water is on hiatus until March 9th, so until then we wanted to share some news about the Sandhill Cranes who are showing up along the North Platte River in Nebraska. The birds will feed and rest before continuing north to breeding grounds in Canada and as far away as Siberia.

Photo Credit Mark A. Bauer USGS    |    Crane recordings courtesy Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

February 23, 2014
Brazil Drought Means Higher Coffee Prices
Are Wolves Changing the Course of Rivers?
Roundup of California Drought News
Ants Build Rafts to Survive Floods
Go Ahead. Put in a Lawn in Colorado.
Lady Gaga, Conservation Spokesperson?

Wolf Video
Oregon State Study


February 16, 2014
Obama Visits California's Drought-Stricken Central Valley
Feds Investigating Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill
Deja Vu: More Spills in W. Virginia
Brazil Rations Water
Russians Crack Down on Environmental Activists
NY and CA Move to Ban Microbeads
Floods, The UK and Climate Change
Crocodiles Make a Comeback.. and Can Climb Trees


February 9, 2014
Fracking Stresses Water Resources
Coal Ash Spill in North Carolina River
Potential Water Crisis in Egypt
Sao Paulo, Brazil May Run Out of Water in 45 Days
Cattle Industry Hit Hard By Drought
Cheese Waste Generates Electricity


February 2, 2014
California Drought Update
The Biggest Lake in the Middle East Is Drying Up
Drought Wreaking Havoc on California Crops
Go Ahead— Drink the Water in Mexico City
Beef Is Going To Cost More
Navajo Grand Canyon Resort Could Happen
West Virginia Chemical Spill Update
Punxsutawney Phil Says Winter To Last

January 26, 2014
Syrian Refugee Water Crisis
Future Winter Olympic Games Doomed?
Exploiting Climate Change
Water: The Denver Broncos Secret Weapon to Winning the Super Bowl?


January 19, 2014
California Drought Update
Syrians Restoring Ancient Wells To Access Water
West Virginia Chemical Spill Update
Kosher Whiskey? Who Knew..


January 12, 2014
Severe Drought in California
China Raises Water Rates
Fracking off the California Coast
Vultures Follow Drought
Chemical Spill in West Virginia

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