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Headlines for the Week Ending December 13, 2015
Put a bow on it. The historic Paris climate deal is done. Nearly 200 governments from around the world agreed this past Saturday to hold the rise in global temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Climate change has got your back.

You don’t have to travel to remote islands in the Pacific to find people who will be displaced by sea level rise. Right here in the U.S., about 700 people in the Chesapeake Bay are facing the prospect of being America’s first "climate refugees."

Donald Trump says the EPA impairs his ability to rinse, lather and repeat.

Headlines for the Week Ending December 6, 2015
Rains in parts of India were the worst in more than a century. Sections of the city of Chennai were under eight feet of water.

One negotiator at the Paris climate talks says they might be able to agree on a recipe to handle climate change. Hope it can cook under 2 degrees Celsius.

The state of Utah wants to bring water from Lake Powell on the Colorado River uphill over 2,000 feet and across 140 miles of desert to provide water to St. George. A pipe dream?

We’re using more water than we think. By a lot.

If you’re a meteorologist in Newfoundland, Canada, you might be calling for “glitter” and "fairy squall." But will it make the season merry?

Headlines for the Week Ending November 29, 2015
Paris climate talks: Are the next twelve days make-or-break time for the planet?

For the Islamic State, its efforts to establish a caliphate appear to be all about water.

The food giant Nestlé admits slavery and coercion were used in catching its seafood.

If you live in California, the decision to buy a Christmas tree has become complicated.

Headlines for the Week Ending November 22, 2015
Earlier this year, the EPA produced a report that said fracking posed no widespread or systemic impacts on drinking water resources, but now its own science advisory board is challenging those conclusions.

Is it hot in here, or is it me? Ask a polar bear and you might get one answer. Ask an Adélie penguin and you might get a reply that's altogether different.

The city of North Vancouver, British Columbia, wants you to know what you really pay at the pump.

Its critics call it “Frankenfish.” But according to the Food and Drug Administration—it’s what’s for dinner.

It’s an online community, made up of people who are "all in the same position you are," according to its app store listing. So should you join?

Headlines for the Week Ending November 8, 2015
The Keystone XL pipeline was in the headlines, first when the company that wanted to build it asked to push the pause button and, second, for the Obama Administration's answer.

Indonesia is ablaze and an environmental disaster. Is El Niño to blame?

After major weather events like hurricanes or blizzards everyone asks the same question—is this the result of climate change? We've got your answer.

West coast Dungeness and rock crabs are off limits due to an algal bloom. You can thank the "blob."

Is there something fishy going on in the seafood business?

Headlines for the Week Ending November 1, 2015
Atlantic cod are in hot water. Their numbers in New England have dropped to record lows in the past few decades.

But other Atlantic cod are in water that's just right. What gives?

Riddle me this: What do cows and reservoirs have in common? Go with your gut feeling.

And that jack-o'-lantern you painstakingly carved? It's killing the planet.

Headlines for the Week Ending October 25, 2015
A collective sigh of relief was felt along the west coast of Mexico this weekend. The people had been bracing themselves for the largest hurricane ever measured in the western hemisphere.

There's a new threat to coral reefs—and it might be lurking in your beach bag.

Last week many politicians and critics jumped on the opportunity to slam the EPA about the toxic spill from the Gold King Mine in southwestern Colorado last August.

President Obama called upon Republicans in Congress to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund—without delay.

And, finally, move over, Punxsutawney Phil. In North Carolina, they don’t need a groundhog to predict the weather.

Headlines for the Week Ending October 18, 2015
There was a dramatic turn of events in parts of the Arctic. The Obama Administration said that oil companies will no longer be allowed to drill in U.S. waters off Alaska—at least temporarily.

Greenhouse gases were a hot topic in two studies last week. Scientists are investigating the link between warming oceans and methane bubbles, as well as how melting permafrost is releasing the potent hydrocarbons.

A professor of medicine at the University of Colorado says a mysterious illness in Central America is due to climate change. The locals call the affected area in Nicaragua the "Land of Widows." But students may not hear about it in Utah schools. That's because officials there edited science standards to push back classroom discussion of climate change from the sixth to the eighth grade.

And, finally, remember the Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini? Sure you do.

Headlines for the Week Ending October 11, 2015
Coral Reefs Are Dying All Over the World
Thousand-Year Floods—Now Happening Every One Hundred Years?
Study: Fracking Associated with Premature Births
Oceans Celebrate More Sanctuaries
Sharks Are Big Fans of...What?

Interview | October 4, 2015
Methane: Walking the Plank to Climate Disaster
An Interview with Dr. Tony Ingraffea of Cornell University

Well-known Cornell engineering professor, Dr. Tony Ingraffea, explained at a conference in Denver, Colorado, on October 3rd, why natural gas is not a bridge to sustainability, but a gangplank to climate disaster. To that point, he gave a chilling prediction of global warming, if we don't get off fossil fuels in twenty years.

A Special Report | September 27, 2015
Neonicotinoids: A Second Silent Spring?
A New Report Shows Widespread Water Contamination from the Insecticide Known to Harm Bees

While most people associate neonicotinoid insecticides with their devastating impacts on bees and other pollinators, a new report shines light, for the first time, on the full scope of this unrecognized threat to our waters, with toxic effects that can harm entire food chains and ecosystems. In fact, according to the report from the Center for Food Safety, neonicotinoids were found in half of U.S. streams sampled—raising the alarm that we are approaching an ecological crisis on par with that of DDT in the 1960s.

Headlines for the Week Ending September 20, 2015
Arctic Sea Ice Reaches a Low Point
Climate Change: Arctic Mosquitoes Increasing in Size and Number
IEA Says Arctic Drilling Not Feasible
California to Require Cancer Warning on Roundup®
El Niño May Bring Rain—and Sharks
Pumpkin Paddler Promotes Local Farming

Headlines for the Week Ending September 13, 2015
Japan Floods Unleash Radioactive Waste
New Ocean Found—Underground
Study: Oil Spills Have a Lasting Effect on Fish
Can the Salton Sea Be Saved?
The Top Tourist Destination in Paris Stinks

Headlines for the Week Ending September 6, 2015
Canadian First Nations Are Beating Big Oil
Indigenous Ecuadorians Score Win Against Chevron
Ocean Acidification—A Sign of the Next Extinction?
A Microorganism That Can Protect the Environment and Generate Energy
A Sunscreen You Can Drink?

Headlines for the Week Ending August 30, 2015
NASA: Sea Levels Rising Faster Than 50 Years Ago—And Likely to Get Worse
Obama Goes to Alaska, Talks Climate Change While Permitting Shell Drilling
Challenge to EPA "Waters of the U.S." Rule
Politics as Unusual

Headlines for the Week Ending August 23, 2015
Permanent Drought? A Possibility for California
EPA Fails to Act to Control Animal Farm Waste
Mercury and Selenium Found in Colorado River Fish
Teflon: More Toxic Than Previously Known and in Drinking Water of 6.5 Million Americans
Another Reason to Sing in the Shower

Headlines for the Week Ending July 12, 2015
Exxon Hid Knowledge of Climate Change for Decades
Study Shows Much Unknown About Fracking's Safety
ISIS Threatens Kosovo Water Supply
Aging Infrastructure in Detroit A Risk for Firefighters
Record Rains in Abilene Lead to Unexpected Visitors

Headlines for the Week Ending July 5, 2015
Did BP Get Off Easy? Depends on Whom You Ask
Protesters March from Detroit to Flint for Affordable Water
Endangered Dragonfly Stymies Chicago Suburb's Desire to Drill Water Wells
Spiders Can Sail Across Oceans—And They Don't Need a Boat

Headlines for the Week Ending June 28, 2015
Has the 'Check Engine Light' Come On for the Colorado River?
Is Global Warming Supercharging Storms?
The “Godfather of Climate Denial” Issues Strong Warning via Leaked Email
Florida Governor Rick Scott Denies Funding for Ocean Research

Headlines for the Week Ending June 21, 2015
Pope Francis’s Encyclical on the Environment: Water Is a Basic and Universal Human Right
Ghana Authorities Destroy Shantytown to Prevent Floods
Ten-Year NASA Study Shows Worldwide Groundwater Depletion
Toxic Threat Shuts Down West Coast Fisheries

Headlines for the Week Ending June 7, 2015
Lack of Adequate Information From Oil & Gas Industry Hampers EPA Fracking Study
How To Get Water in Times of Drought? Get More Wives.
Think Sea Levels Rise is Due to Melting Glaciers? Think Again.
Oregon's "Killer" Idea to Scare Off Sea Lions

Headlines for the Week Ending May 31, 2015
How Much Water Has Fallen in Texas? You'll Be Shocked.
Drought Where You'd Least Expect It
Thousands Die in India Heat Wave
Study: Wastewater Treatment Creating New Bacterial Problem
A Solution to the Plastic Garbage Patch in Our Oceans?
Is Saltwater Taffy Really Made with Seawater?

Headlines for the Week Ending May 24, 2015
Fight Over EPA’s Authority to Protect U.S. Waterways
Another Bad Week for Oil And Gas Companies
California Farmers Strike a Deal to Cut Water Use
Is the Drought Over in Oklahoma and Texas?
2,000-Year-Old Aqueduct Uncovered in Jerusalem
Who Is Gumming Up the Works in Akron, Ohio?

Headlines for the Week Ending May 17, 2015
Message to Obama? "Shell No!"
Are Dead People Toxic to Water?
Lack of Water Might Force Majority of Iranians to Move
Taking Photos of Rivers in Wyoming Could Land You in Jail
Can You Pay Attention Longer Than a Goldfish Can?

Headlines for the Week Ending May 10, 2015
Lake Huron Threatened by Canadian Nuclear Waste
Environmental Groups Sue to Stop Oil & Gas Industry from Polluting Aquifers
Fracking Chemicals Found in Pennsylvania Water Wells
Drought Lands Scoured by Oil and Gas Development
Surprise Find Under the Colorado River

Headlines for the Week Ending May 3, 2015
Secret Trade Deal a Threat to Water?
Water Crisis in Nepal After Quake
California Governor Reneges on Commitment to the Environment
Grand Canyon National Park Pipes Water from North to Thirsty South Rim
Lake Mead Reaches Historic Low
Penguins Desalinate Their Blood...and Other Fascinating Facts

Headlines for the Week Ending April 26, 2015
Climate Deniers Want to School the Pope on Global Warming
Two New Studies Correlate Earthquakes to Oil & Gas Injection Wells
Scientist Uses Surprising Method to Detect Water Contamination
Study: Plastic Bags Choke Marshlands
Sailboats High and Dry as the Great Salt Lake Shrinks
California Bill Would Allow Residents to Have Brown Lawns Without Penalties
Dog Days in the Galapagos

Headlines for the Week Ending April 19, 2015
A Gulf Oil Spill Shrouded in Secrecy
EPA Allows Oil Companies to Discharge Wastewater onto Indian Reservation
MIT Creates Prototype for Solar-Powered Desalination
Shh! Las Vegas Valley Water District is on a Listening Tour—For Leaks
William Shatner Thinks Seattle Should Share Their Water

Headlines for the Week Ending April 12, 2015
San Diego Pushes Back Against Governor's Water Cuts
Nuclear Desalination: Russia's Green Answer to Drought
Reviving Ancient Technologies for Modern Water Woes
Can The "Human Polar Bear" Thaw Cold War Tensions? (See photos.)
Cute Little Goldfish Become Monsters in a Colorado Lake (See photos.)

Headlines for the Week Ending March 29, 2015
Lubricating Fault Lines– Not OK in Oklahoma
Fukushima 2.O? The Risky Situation in Washington State
Is California's Water (Literally) Going to Pot?
The "Crunch Nestlé" Campaign Against Bottled Water
Why Are Soda Sales Going Flat?

Headlines for the Week Ending March 22, 2015
UN Report Forecasts 40% Worldwide Water Shortfall
"Nobel" Water Prize Awarded To Indian
Kenyan Women Build Their Own Reservoirs
The New Pitcairn Islands Reserve Offers A Bounty Of Protection
Meet The Catfish Named After A Star Wars Character

Headlines for the Week Ending March 15, 2015
NASA Scientist: California Flirting With Disaster
Fracking Poses Threat To World Heritage Site
Startling Discoveries of Water In Our Solar System
New Jersey Drinking Water Salting Up From De-icing Roads
Cape Cod Beaches Invaded By Ice Chunks

Headlines for the Week Ending March 8, 2015
We focus this week on three significant news stories about the oil and gas industry and its impact on water:
  • Did the Oil and Gas Industry Thwart EPA's National Study on Fracking?
  • Political Pressure Silences Scientists in Oklahoma
  • Amazon Tribes Win Against Occidental Petroleum

Headlines for the Week Ending March 1, 2015
Forget About Keystone– There's A Bigger Pipeline Looming
Alaska Town Forced To Move Due To Climate Change
Portland Generates Power From Water Mains
Supreme Court Finds Nebraska Stole Water From Kansas
Turf Wars In Southern California

Headlines for the Week Ending February 22, 2015
Who's Trying to Dibs the Missouri River Now?
Sea Lion Pups Are Washing Up on California Beaches
Harvesting Viruses From Sewage to Fight Bacteria
Oil From Yellowstone River Spill Found in Fish
Crocodiles Surf and Play, Just Like Us

Headlines for the Week Ending February 15, 2015
Bad News For Boston As Bad Weather Strikes Again
Denver Cuts Water Consumption Despite Adding Residents
"Megadroughts" Predicted For Great Plains and Southwest
Utah Snowless Winter May Be a Sign of Things to Come
Great Salt Lake at Lowest Levels in 15 Years
Sao Paulo Water Crisis Worsens
Popcorn Creates an Appetite For Science

Headlines for the Week Ending February 8, 2015
Bypass Surgery Needed To Fix Big Apple Artery
Southern Californians Improve on Water Conservation
Central Valley Farmers May Not Get Any Water
California State Regulators May Have Allowed Oil & Gas to Pollute Aquifers
Sonic Testing for Oil & Gas Deposits A Threat To Marine Life
Colorado Company Wants To Inject Fracking Wastewater in Nebraska
"Bad Boy" Sperm Whales Snag Fishermen's Catch

Headlines for the Week Ending February 1, 2015
Iceland is Rising and Causing Volcanoes to Erupt
Peddling Arctic Water to China
Obama Protects The Arctic from Oil & Gas Exploration, But Opens The Atlantic
EPA Study Supports Broad Definition of Waters of the U.S.
Fishing in Lake Victoria Jeopardized
Ready to Merge onto The "Freezeway"?

Headlines for the Week Ending January 25, 2015
Yellowstone River Oil Spill Contaminates Montana Water Supply
Nearly 3 Million Gallons Of Drilling WasteWater Spill From North Dakota Pipeline
Could "Atmospheric Rivers" Take California Out of Drought?
Global Warming Is Off The Charts
Sea Levels Rising Faster Than First Thought
The Town That Sank– And Reemerged Due to Climate Change
Nature Calling And You've Got To Go? There's An App For That.

Headlines for the Week Ending January 18, 2015
Two New Contaminants Found in Fracking Wastewater
Cow Manure Is "An Imminent and Substantial Threat to Drinking Water"
Des Moines Utility to Sue Counties for Farm Runoff
Citing BP Gulf Oil Spill, EPA Wants Stricter Standards on Oil Dispersants
The "Underworlds" Project at MIT Aims to Develop "Smart Sewage"
Is There Gold in Your Sewer? Probably.

Headlines for the Week Ending January 11, 2015
Beer Industry Divided Over The Clean Water Act
China Encourages Environmental Groups To Sue Polluters
Algal Blooms To Clean Wastewater?
Southern Californians Are Conservation Slackers
Grow A Beard– Save Water.

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