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The World War II Bomber at the Bottom of Lake Mead

In 1948, a World War II-era bomber crashed into Lake Mead, the massive reservoir formed by Hoover Dam that straddles the Arizona-Nevada border. After several failed attempts to locate the plane, it was finally discovered in the early 2000s—still remarkably intact. As lake levels fall, will the draw to see the plane finish it off?
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Fading Fast? Colorado's Iconic Aspen Trees Will Likely Decline with Climate Change

Tourists in Colorado's high country might want to snap a lot pictures while they can. Researchers predict that climate change will reduce the number of aspens that make fall color in the Rocky Mountains so captivating. Listen now >

Toilets, Streetcars, and Light Poles—A Brief History of Artificial Reefs in Southern California

Starting in the late 1950s, nearly everything but the kitchen sink was put in the ocean off the Southern California coast to promote sportfishing and recreational diving. It may sound like dumping, but initially there was serious science behind it. Listen now >


Newscast for
September 12, 2021

Following Hurricane Ida, many Louisiana residents still lack running water and the Coast Guard is investigating hundreds of oil spills in the Gulf.

Burn scars from wildfires
have several characteristics that can fuel intense thunderstorms.

Scientists have found a way to take a stinky problem and turn it into a clean solution.

Breaking into the crowded plant-based milk market is no small potatoes.

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